Monday, July 10, 2017

Friends of Fort Fisher Attend Elmira (NY) Prison Dedication

From the July 2, 2017, Star Gazette  "Letters: Out of Town Praise for Elmira Civil War Camp" by Tom Fagart.

July 23-24, 2017, the Friends of Elmira Civil War Prison Camp in Elmira, New York, dedicated a restored original prison camp building and also held a memorial service in the Woodlawn National Cemetery, where many of the Confederate prisoners who died there are buried.

It was attended by a number of people from North Carolina and other Southern states, including eight members of the Friends of Fort Fisher.

Mr. Fagart is a member of the Friends of Elmira Prison Camp.

Elmira Prison existed from July 6, 1864, to July 11, 1865 and was dubbed "Hellmira" by the Confederate prisoners held there.  In just over 12 months, 2.970 of the 12,100 held there died of malnutrition, exposure to harsh weather, sanitary conditions, lack of medicine and disease.

Many of the dead were captured at Fort Fisher January 15, 1865.

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