The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Monday, May 3, 2010

115th New York Infantry

From the April 22nd North Carolina and the Civil War Blog by Michael C. Hardy.

Michael Hardy reviewed a regimental history by Mark Silo "The 115th New York in the Civil War: A Regimental History." I will write some about what Mr. hardy had to say since the regiment was at Fort Fisher and for seven weeks were garrisoned at Raleigh, of great personal interest to me.

This regiment could be called the hard-luck unit of the Civil War. It was mustered in in August of 1862, just in time to get captured when the Union Army at Harper's ferry, Virginia, surrendered to Confederate forces. They were paroled and while waiting for exchange at the Chicago Fairgrounds, a fire broke out, destroying their quarters.

When the unit reached Hilton Head, South Carolina, they were arrested for the barracks' destruction, but were later absolved of guilt.

In 1863, they served in Georgia and South Carolina. In 1864, they were in Florida and suffered heavy casualties at the Battle of Olustee. Then they were assigned to Butler's Army of the James and participated in the First Battle of Fort Fisher. At the Second battle of Fort Fisher, the unit lost 15 men.

They were camped close to the fort's magazine the night of the fort's capture, when it wxploded, leaving 11 more dead and 41 wounded.

An Interesting Unit History. --Old B-Runner

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