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Friday, May 7, 2010

Oldest Civil War Monument Relocated

From the December 1,2009, Louisville (Ky) Courier-Journal.

The Bloedner Monument, considered to be the oldest-surviving Civil War monument is going to be moved to the Frazier International Historical Museum and will be in the lobby so can be viewed without paying admission. This monument commemorates the 1861 Battle of Rowlett's Station near Munfordville, Kentucky.

It was recently rescued and restored after almost being destroyed by the elements at Cave Hill Cemetery where it had been since 1867. A replica will be placed back at he cemetery sometime this year. However, the back of it will have the English translation and the front the original text in German.

It was carved in 1862 by August Bloedner to commemorate the members of the 32nd Indiana Infantry, made up of all German immigrants, who died in the hour-long battle. It was originally at the site of the battle, but when the remains of the soldiers were moved to Cave Hill Cemetery, the monument went along as well.

Always Great When Preservation Takes Place. --Old B-Runner

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