The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alfred Holt Colquitt at Fort Fisher-- Part 2

From June to July Colquitt helped General Beauregard stop Grant at Petersburg, Virginia in one of the "Miracles of the War." In January, Colquitt, now a major general, and his brigade were sent along with General Hoke's division to the aid of Fort Fisher.

However, the commanding general at Wilmington, Bragg, refused to allow the division to help the fort. After Colonel Lamb and General Whiting, the fort's commanders were both wounded, Colquitt was ordered by Bragg to go to the fort and take command.

When he and his staff arrived at the fort in their small rowboats, they found the garrison had evacuated the fort and were about to surrender at Battery Buchanan. There was nothing to do but return to Confederate lines north of Fort Fisher.

He is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia.

An Interesting Career. --B-R

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