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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hawaiians Serving in the Civil War

The May 11th Honolulu Advertiser had an article that I never thought about, but according to one group, there were people from Hawaii who served in the Civil War. "Group seeks funds for memorial honoring Island sons in the Civil War."

The Hawaii Sons of the Civil War Memorial Committee is looking for money to purchase a bronze plaque mounted on a granite base to honor those from the state who served. It will be placed at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Hawaii's Civil War Round Table says the exact number in service is difficult to determine because native Hawaiians were given names when they went to sea with whaling ships that went to join Union and Confederate navies.

Some Hawaiians known to have served:

** JAMES BUSH-- Native Hawaiian served in the US Navy.

** Twelve Hawaiians who served aboard the CSS Shenandoah.

** SAMUEL CHAPMAN ARMSTRONG-- son of Hawaiian missionaries who became a Union brigadier general and founded Hampton University.

Sure Never Thought of Hawaiians As Serving in the Civil War. --B-R

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