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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Now, That's Funny Stuff

The April 26th Listicles had the "12 Funniest Items of a Confederate Flag" in honor of the states celebrating Confederate Heritage month in April. This was essentially a put-down, but a funny one.

It's time for both sides to loosen up and get off the pc-bandwagon some.

1. Confederate Keds tennis shoes.
2. Confederate flag toilet paper "for wiping the South clean."
3. Confederate Civil War cannon toy.
4. Confederate flag rear-view mirror dice.

5. Confederate PSP decal for the Civil War game. (Play Station?)
6. Confederate flag gay pride tee shirt.
7. Confederate flag hermit crab shell.
8. Confederate flag guitars for those defiant Southern Rock solos.

9. Confederate flag with the silhouette of a beautiful girl.
10. Dukes of Hazzard digital watch
11. Confederate flag bow-tie.
12. Confederate flag bikini.

I have seen some of these items.

Time to Loosen Up. --Old B-Runner

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