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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting "Real Tired" of the Attacks on the Flag

It seems that every day those intent on taking my heritage away are having more success. Getting "real tired" of this affront. And the sad thing is that powers and owners are acquiescing to those who are offended.

Today, I read about two things in Virginia and Tennessee.

The May 19th (Va) reports that the Muvico Theatre by the Spotsylvania Towne Centre is removing part of a mural showing a Union and a Confederate flag because of complaints. A Virginia state flag is being superimposed on the Confederate one.

The May 18th Time News Net (Tn) reports that Sullivan South High School in Kingsport, Tn, has a nickname Rebels and a mascot sometimes referred to as Col. Reb. Confederate flags are waved at home games and from vehicles on game days, but soon, the flag may be banned because some are offended.

Of course, the reason the one group is offended is that whenever there is a racial confrontation, the idiot groups wave the Confederate flag and that has come to signify racism. It is too bad, but the idiots also wave US flags. Should that be banned as well?

Hey, I am offended by a lot of things like the use of the "N" word in rap as well as the language and depictions of women. As a result, I don't listen to that music whenever possible. However, in traffic, that is not always possible nor in bars where patrons can choose any type of music they want. When that happens, I roll up the windows, turn up my music or, if in a bar, leave or ignore it as much as possible.

This group needs to find a way to deal with the flag besides attacking my heritage. I don't attack theirs.

Time to get Over It. --Old B-Runner

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