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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Should Certain Groups Be Worried About

Every time you hear about people paying homage to their Confederate ancestors, you immediately hear from one group who comes completely unglued about the affront to their heritage. I mean, these folks really lose it. They call my ancestors Nazis and terrorists. Today I read one national columnist in the Chicago Tribune referring to the Confederate Battle Flag as the "American Swastika."

On Monday, May 24th, I found these headlines in the Chicago Tribune.

Teen shot near South Side Beach

Two shot in legs in separate incidents in South Side

Three men shot on the South Side

Man fatally shot at Washington Park

That was just stuff happening on the previous night. For those of you who don't know, this particular group tends to dominate the South Side. I didn't read the stories, so am not sure about what group might have been involved in the Washington Park incident.

Perhaps one group should be making the effort to address other problems than a piece of cloth no matter how much it represents the "S" word to them. I respect their heritage, but they certainly won't do the same for mine.

What's the World Coming To? --Old B-Runner

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