Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Confederate Ram in a Kids' Playground

Friday, we went to Seven Springs, North Carolina, for breakfast and to take a drive around the historic little (pop. 85) town. The Civil War Battle of White Hall (or Whitehall) took place there in 1862 (part of Foster's Raid against the important Goldsborough Railroad Bridge (Wilmington and Weldon Railroad).

The Confederates were building the "Cornfield Ram," the CSS Neuse across the river from town and it was partially damaged by Union artillery fire, but later repaired.

We found it very interesting that they had a scale model of the CSS Neuse in the town's playground, something you would never expect to see.

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There is also a full scale replica of the CSS Neuse in Kinston, where the ship was scuttled at the end of the war to prevent it falling into Union hands.

When You see a Ram Where You Wouldn't Expect to See One. --Old B-Runner

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