Thursday, March 24, 2011

Running the Blockade: Kid Rock-- Hunley

Some New News About an Old War.

1. KID ROCK-- I've been following with some interest, the reaction of the NAACP in regards to their Detroit chapter's decision to honor entertainer Kid Rock at their annual Fight for Freedom Fundraiser this May 1st.

Other groups of the NAACP are threatening to boycott and are really against the Detroit group's decision.

And why is this? Because Kid Rock sometimes has a big Confederate flag onstage when he performs and we all know that is like the red flag in front of a bull. Because of the flag, Kid Rock is a Racist according to them. Of course, calling Rock a racist because of a flag is kind of racist as well. After all, Kid Rock is white. But, you'd never get them to admit to it.

Now, if anything, the NAACP should be upset with Rock because of his profuse usage of cuss words. But, wait a minute, rap music isn't excactly church-worthy either.

It is time for the NAACP to stop their campaign against that flag.

2. HUNLEY-- This summer, plans are in the works to move the Confederate submarine Hunley to an upright position, the first time it will be at that angle since it sank.

It was raised at the same angle, 45 degrees, that it was found.

It is hoped that the upright position will better help researchers find out why the vessel sank.

Just Some News. --Old B-Runner

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