Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have a Peanut: SCV Camp 1517 Fremont, NC

Today, my brother and I drove over to Fremont, NC, for the town's annual Daffodil Festival. Our main intention was to see the Embers, a famous beach music band who have been performing since the late 1950s.

I was happy to find a booth set up by the local Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) group, the Dr. B.T. Person Camp 1517. I introduced myself as being from the Camp Douglas SCV Camp from Chicago, Illinois, and had a nice talk.

Besides spreading the heritage, they were also selling North Carolina-grown bags of in-shell peanuts from Dublin as a fund raiser, so I bought one.

Benjamin Thomas Person and his brother John B. Person both served in the Confederate Army and rose from the rank of privates to lieutenant.

Benjamin Person enlisted in Co. F of the 18th NC and was mustered in as a private in Wilmington where he was described as being 6'1", age 27 and was a doctor in Fremont, NC. He became a 1st Lt. after the Battle of Gettysburg.

The camp has 40 members.

Compatriots in the Heritage Wars. --Old B-Runners

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