Monday, March 21, 2011

Southport Times Gets Fort Fisher Commemorative Medal

The Southport (NC) Times, near Wilmington, announced that they had added a Fort Fisher Commemorative Medal to their collection of local history artifacts.

My father bought me one back when they were issued as I was such a Civil War buff, particularly anything having to do with Fort Fisher. I still have it somewhere in the house, but am not sure exactly where at this time.

It was commissioned in 1965 by the Committee of the New Hanover County Confederate Centennial Commission and minted by Capitol Medals in High Point, North Carolina.

Proceeds of its sale were to help fund the Fort Fisher Visitors Center that opened the same year. Also, money raised went to future maintenance and restoration projects.

The medals were struck with.999 fine solver and weighed one ounce.

This one was acquired by the Times on February 1st. They didn't say how much it cost. Too bad, I would like to get an idea how much mine is worth, but I would never sell it, being a gift from my deceased father.

Congratulations to the Southport Times Acquisition and Their Continued Interest in Local History. --Old B-Runner

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