The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Unexploded Shell Found at Fort McAllister-- Part 3

Just Some More Facts.

** November 1863, the Patapsco tested a large obstruction-clearing device designed by Monitor inventor John Ericsson. (Either to remove Confederate river and coastal obstructions or mines.)

** In January 1864, boat crews from the Patapsco took part in a reconnaissance of the Wilmington River in Georgia.

** Eight-inch Parrot rifled guns could fire a shell 3-5 miles.

** Parrot shells were made of cast iron and manufactured at West Point Foundry in Cold Springs, New York.

** The shell was called a 200-pounder, but actually weighed just 145 pounds because it is empty except powder. It was not a bolt or solid shot.

** This is the 4th unexploded shell found at Fort McAllister, but the first found in the last 30 years.

** Monitors were actually more designed for Naval battle than for firing at shore installations.

So That's the Facts. --Old B-Runner

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