Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fort Fisher's Mrs. Lamb-- Part 1

From the Fort Fisher State Historical Site Gallery page.

Any Fort Fisher person is familiar with Confederate Col. William Lamb, who commanded the fort and partially designed it, but his wife, Sarah Ann "Daisy" Chaffee Lamb, spent almost as much time there as her husband, only leaving during the two attacks.

She was from Providence, Rhode Island. I'm not sure how the two met with him being a southerner.

In 1863, she left Rhode Island and journeyed to Confederate Point (had been Federal Point) to join her husband at the fort. This, of course, would have meant going through enemy lines at some point, another interesting story if it were known.

The colonel had a small cottage built near Craig's Landing, north of the fort where Daisy and the couple's two oldest children lived.

The Attacks Next. --Old B-Runner

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