Wednesday, October 5, 2011

150th Anniversary of the Chicamacomico Races-- Part 2

From the October 5th Civil War Daily gazette.

Saturday, October 5, 1861--

Upon finding that the North Carolina troops had not landed, the Confederates began withdrawing northward. A New York regiment from Fort Hatteras came out and started to chase the Georgians, making up the five miles between them quickly. And then we had a repeat of the previous day's action, only in reverse.

The USS Monticello followed along the beach, shelling the retreating Confederates.

To lighten their loads, many Georgians took off their shoes, socks and pants. Only two were wounded in the retreat and they made it to the Confederate ships and withdrew back to Roanoke.

I'm not sure why the Confederates took off their pants, but sure hope they had shorts on.

It Could Have Been a Real Mooning Experience. --Old B-R'er

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