Thursday, October 20, 2011

USS San Jacinto

The USS Jacinto was a wooden screw steamship commissioned in 1851 and mounting six guns that was out seeking the Sumter. It spent a lot of its career chasing after Confederate raiders.

Earlier it had been off Wilmington, NC, on blockade duty.

After seeking the Sumter, commanded by Raphael Semmes, unsuccessfully, it had stopped at Cienfuegos, Cuba, for coal.

After the Trent Affair, it later chased after Semmes again, this time while he commanded the CSS Alabama. First it was off the coast of Nova Scotia. When it was found the Alabama had gone to the Caribbean, the San Jacinto followed and a period of hide-and-seek between the two ships took place.

The San Jacinto finally caught up with the Confederate raider at Fort Royal, Martinique, but the Alabama managed to slip out.

Much of 1863 was spent looking for another raider, the CSS Florida.

Setting the Stage for the Trent. --Old B-Runner

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