Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A USS Monitor Museum-- Part 2

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol arranged for a $50,000 grant for the museum, geotechnical and environmental testing at the site, the purchase of the sign, a flag pole, entrance gate and picnic tables.

President Lincoln overruled the Ironclad Board's decision not to use Ericsson's design. Ericcson had gotten a bad name because of the explosions on board the USS Princeton before the war.

At the Monitor's launching, Ericsson stood on the Monitor's deck to prove his faith hat the unlikely-looking ship would not sink.

From the group's website:

Founded in 1996 at Greenpoint, Brooklyn. John Ericsson designed the ship and it was built by the Continental Iron Works Company and the ship was launched January 30, 1861, just a month and a half before it met the CSS Virginia in the first battle of ironclads. It was built very quickly, taking just over three months from the keel being laid to launch.

One Innovative Warship. --Old B-R'er

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