Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Fort's Haunted

Not only do Confederate soldiers haunt Fort Fisher (probably some Yankees as well), but also stories abound that a Confederate general does as well.

From Creepy

Fort Fisher, an almost impregnable fortress finally fell to an attack of practically the entire Union fleet and the fact that Confederate General Bragg refused to help the fort. (Well, there was also the Union Army and the Naval Column.)

Confederate general W.H.C. Whiting was wounded and later died from complications of it in a Union prison. Reports have his spirit keeping a ghostly watch out to sea from the fort's remaining parapets.

Whiting did not have to be at the fort during the attack Jan. 13-15, 1865, but came anyway, saying to the fort's commander, Col. William Lamb, "Lamb, my boy. I have come to share your fate."

He was born in Mississippi and graduated West Point at the top of his class and was once also a division commander in the Army of Northern Virginia.

During the hand-to-hand fighting after Union forces gained entrance into the fort, at one point he was called upon to surrender and replied, "Go to hell!!." I've also heard his words were, "Go to hell you Yankee bastards."

Stories are that you can see his ghost on the parapets at dusk.

That About Boos Up the Story. --Old B-Runner

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