Friday, October 21, 2011

If It's Halloween, It Must Be Fort Fisher

From the Encore Online. Wilmington's Alternative Newspaper.

A "Spooktacular" planned at the old fort by the Fort Fisher State Recreation Team this Saturday, Oct. 21st. Include will be true ghost stories, gory games, hayrides, trick-or-treating and lots of other activities.

For those of you wanting a little more scare for your buck, there is the hour-long 3rd Annual Ghost Walk along trails normally closed to the public.

One ghost often seen is a Confederate guard.

A ranger at the park was locking up when she had a strange sensation that she was being watched. When getting into her car, she saw a "man in blue pants" walking toward her. He disappeared when she shone her flashlight his way.

Also, there is the famous Fort Fisher Hermit who occupied a World War II bunker for many years until he turned up mysteriously murdered in 1972.

Too Spooky for Me. --Old B-Runner

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