Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mason and Slidell Run the Blockade-- Part 1

From the October 12th Civil War Daily Gazette.

October 12, 1861, Saturday.

One day ago, 150 years ago, Confederate commissioners James Mason and John Slidell, aboard the blockade-runner, former privateer, Theodora, ran through the blockade of Charleston, SC, headed for Havana and an eventual date with destiny aboard the British ship Trent.

This was another one of those stories that started off with an initial source and then grew and grew.

Britain had classified the Confederacy as a belligerent. As such, the country could buy arms and seize ships. however, the Confederacy was looking for something more along the way of recognition as a sovereign nation.

Three steamers and one sloop-of-war were blockading Charleston at the time. Slidell and Mason were looking for a vessel to leave Charleston in. The steamer Nashville was available and was fast and large enough to go all the way to England. However, word of their intention got out and the Nashville was dropped.

Finding Another Ship. --Old B-Runner

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