Friday, October 28, 2011

A Confederate Soldier Finally Comes Home

From the Nov. 14, 2010, Fayetteville (NC) Observer.

Private Edward Cashwell left his wife and five young children to serve his country and state, the Confederacy and North Carolina, and ended up dying May 13, 1863, at the Fort Fisher hospital and his remains were never returned to his family in Cumberland and Bladen counties. Instead, he was buried in a mass grave with six others.

This past Saturday, the Sons of Confederate Veterans buried a small casket full of dirt from that mass grave next to the grave of his wife at a small cemetery east of Stedman on NC Highway 24.

His great-great grandson, James Cashwell attended and said he knew nothing of Edward until the SCV told him.

Edward Cashwell died of typhoid fever, 15 months after enlisting at the age of 29. His wife, Elizabeth Riley Cashwell, died in 1914.

Officiating at the service, the reverend Herman White said, "He may not have died from an enemy's bullet, but he was just as much of a hero as if he did."

Good to have Him Home At Long Last. --Old B-Runner

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