Monday, October 17, 2011

Blockade-Runner Theodora-- Part 2

The Theodora returned from Havana to Charleston Nov. 4, 1861, and returned Dec. 4th.

On May 28, 1862, the Theodora, under the command of Captain Walker, was captured by the USS Victoria and a prize crew put aboard. The ship was found to be carrying a cargo of Enfield rifles, arms, clothing and medicine for the Confederacy.

I have found out nothing about what happened to the Theodora after that.

Actually, in Wikipedia's article on the USS Victoria, the vessel was named Nassau at the time it was captured, and another source listed that as being one of the names of the vessel.

The USS Victoria was aided by the USS State of Georgia in the capture and it occurred near Fort Caswell, protecting the entrance to Old Inlet of the Cape Fear River leading to Wilmington, NC. It didn't say if the Nassau was operating out of Wilmington or if it had been chased up the coast from Charleston.

A month later, the Victoria along with Union ships Mount Vernon and Mystic chased the blockade-runner Emily aground and destroyed it off Fort Caswell, heading for Wilmington.

So Much for a Blockade-Runner. --Old B-Runner

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