Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Swords from Battle of Mobile Bay in Question-- Part 2

In the past year, Michael Dunn has obtained Mumphrey's sword, sash and a photo of him in uniform. He was also given Jouett's sword, but it turned out to be someone else's.

Dunn, 62, says that the other items, including a Confederate Veterans reunion flag, reunion pins and wartime documents are in horrible condition.

He wants the items appraised and then plans to sell Murphrey's sword to an institution that will properly care for it and then donate the monet back to the Cannonball House. Confederate swords regularly sale for big bucks, especially one with this history.

His wife, Lee, a past Cannonball House board member, said, "We are quite baffled" at having to sue to get their items back. Their attorney, Lin Wood, of Chicago doesn't know the exact value of Murphrey's sword, but figures it to be under six figures. Jouett's sword is estimated to be worth $500.

It sounds to me like the Cannonball House is undergoing some financial and support issues, unfortunately. That seems to be more and more common in privately funded museums. I went to their website and there is a pop-up that blocks it. That is not a good indicator.

Let's Hope This Gets Straightened Out. --Old B-Runner

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