Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Confederacy Loses a Real Son

From the Jan. 28th Knoxville (Tn) News "James Brown, Sr., one of the last real sons of Confederate veterans, dies at 99."

James Brown, Sr., died Jan. 26, 2012.  He would have been 100 this coming Valentine's Day.

His father, James H.H. Brown was in Co. K of the 8th Georgia Infantry and fought in 19 battles throughout the war, including Manassas, Gettysburg, Chattanooga,  Campbell Station and Fort Sanders (Knoxville).

Captured with Lee at Appomattox, his father walked back home.  He was wounded twice during the war.

When son James was born in 1912, his father was 71.  His father died when he was 11.

James Brown, Jr, said of his father, "I always remember about my grandfather telling my dad that he had nothing against Yankees.  They were good men and he was a good man.  It was just something they had to do."

Potos of Mr. Brown and Harold Becker, a Real Son of Union vetrans come from the Knoxville News and the Battle of Franklin Blog by Kraig McNutt, who covered the two at a dedication back in 2009.

Hats Off to Those Old Guys.  --Old Secesh

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