Thursday, February 16, 2012

So, Who Really Won?

From the April 22, 2011, North by Steve Janoski.

Back then, a youngster visited a Civil War battlefield in the south and asked the lady behind the desk who won the battle.  "Oh, we did," was the answer.  She didn't say "the South and she didn't say "The Confederacy."

Bill Maher on "Real Time" said that nobody in California thinks about the Civil War, likewise most people in New York or New Jersey.

But, oh do the folks in the former Confederate states.  Just look at the two organizations made up of former soldiers of the two sides.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans boasts some 30,000 members.  Their counterpart, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War just 6,000.  When it comes to re-enactments, often those portraying Confederates have to don Union uniforms to equal out the sides.

Let's face it, the Civil War Sesquicentennial is definitely being observed more in the South than the North even with constant irritation from the NAACP who try to put the whole war as one to keep or free slaves.

And, the South is really the South of 1861.  Texas has a huge Hispanic population and there are sure a lot of Cubans in Florida, not to mention retired Northerners. In Northern Virginia, many of the former battlefields are covered with subdivisions and shopping centers.

Hey, look at the 200 electoral map of the United States and it is almost identical to a map of the United States after secession.

And then, there are still racial tensions.

Some Things Don't Change, Or Do They?  --Old Secesh

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