Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zombies Attack Fort Pulaski

From the Feb. 3rd Savannah Morning News "Zombie horde attack Fort Pulaski as key scene is shot for film" by Linda Sickles.

First Yankees, now Zombies!!  When will this all end?  At least we had Abe fighting them off.

It was Abraham Lincoln versus the zombies in a historical horror film set in 1863 about Abraham Lincoln's secret mission to the South to defeat a horde of the undead.

Abraham, president by day, vampire killer by night, is part of a low-budget ($1 million) film being shot that is not intended for theater release, but DVD and Netflix.

Filming started Jan. 28th and will continue until Feb. 15th.

Be sure to rent "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer" when it is released.

And. my sister in nearby Richmond Hill, Georgia, doesn't even know anything about it.

Go get 'Em, Abe!!  --Old Secesh

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