Saturday, February 4, 2012

Confederate Hospital Building Collapses in Lynchburg, Va.-- Part 2

Nineteen tobacco factories were turned into hospitals.  Only two remain standing and the structure at 612 Dunbar is one of them.

Structural engineers are looking into the building, but most, including the owner, think it is too late to save it.  There were many years of neglect that took a toll.

Lynchburg became a huge hospital because of the many railroads connecting the city with Richmond and other points in the state.  Civil War medicine being what it was, 2,200 Confederates from 14 states died, most of whom are buried in the Old City Cemetery.  A monument there has the names of the states on it.

In 1964, a raid by Union General Hunter almost captured the city, but was driven off.

Let's hope the city or someone saves the last remaining hospital.

Saving the Heritage, One Piece at a Time.  --Old Secesh

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