Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two Interesting Facts About Lt. Hall at Fort Sumter

Well, three, actually.

1.  As you can see in the famous photo of Major Anderson and his Fort Sumter officers, Lt. Norman Hall is not in the photo. Perhaps, he was held a prisoner of war as mentioned in the Wikipedia account.  You'd definitely think he would be with his heroic acts of putting the flag up again in the bombardment.  So, why was he not in the photo.

I think I remember hearing that the photo was taken before the attack.  Perhaps he was on emissary duty between Anderson and the Confederates and not available to pose.

2.  I also read in one source that Lt. Hall's eyebrows were permanently burned off  in his flag-raising escapade.  The photo of him appears to have eyebrows.  Did he draw them on or did they grow back or perhaps the light made him look like he had them?

3.  This was not the first time a soldier had replaced an American flag shot down flag at a Charleston fort in the course of a battle.  Back during the Revolutionary War, Sgt. William Jaspar had done the same thing at Fort Sullivan, later renamed Fort Moultrie.

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