Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Civil War Technological Break-Throughs

Although most of these were not invented during the war, they had a huge impact on it.

1775 Submersible sub
1801 Steam locomotive
1826 Daguerretype invented (photos)
1834 Propeller-driven ships
1835 Revolving pistol
1840s Interchangeable parts for weapons invented at the Harpers Ferry and Springfield Armories

1844 Telegraph system invented by Samuel Morse
1845 Sewing machine
1861 First aeriel balloon observation
1862 Monitor and Merrimac (Virginia)
1864 First modern machine gun
1864 First successful sinking of an enemy ship by a submarine

Much of the technology of World War I was tried out some fifty years earlier.

Civil War High tech. --Old Secesh

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