Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nashville Fell 150 Years Ago Today-- Part 2

Making fears worse were the multitude of rumors of Union retribution. Union ironclads were on their way up the Cumberland with orders to level the city with gunfire.

Mayor Richard Cheatham went out to approaching Union forces and negotiated the surrender of Nashville, becoming the only mayor to formally hand over his city during the war. He did get the promise that Union troops and Naval forces would respect private property.

On February 25th, the Confederate flag was lowered from the Tennessee Capitol and a 34-star Union flag replaced it. It had been given by Unionist Captain William Driver of Nashville. He had had it sewn into quilt to hide it after Tennessee seceded. He remained at the Capitol that first night to make sure sure no Southern supporter did something to it.

For the most part, post panic life returned to a somewhat normalcy, only under occupation.

The fall of Nashville was a major strategic blow to the young Confederacy and paved the way to deeper penetration into the country west of the Appalachians.

A Major Blow. --Old Secesh

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