Saturday, February 11, 2012

Michigan's Norman J. Hall-- Part 1

From Wikipedia.

March 19, 1842-May 26, 1867 and is famous for his defense of the Union center during Pickett's charge at Gettysburg.  Appointed to the USMA at West Point by Jefferson Davis and graduated July 1859, 13th in class of22 and appointed Second Lt. in 4th US Artillery.

He was at Fort Sumter during the secession crisis and served as an emissary between Major. Anderson and Confederate officers.

During the bombardment, the US flag was knocked to the ground by a Confederate shell.  Hall raced throug the flames on the parade ground to save it.  With the help of two others, he replaced the pole and hoisted the flag.  He was captured, became a POW, was exchanged and then returned to Monroe.

He was promoted to 1st Lt. in the US Artillery in May of 1861.

He fought at the Peninsula Campaign before becoming the Colonel of the 7th Michigan Infantry in July 1862.  He was then at the Battle of Second Bull Run.  At the Battle of Antietam, the 7th Michigan suffered 60% casualties and lost 20 of 23 field officers.  Hall assumed command of the 3rd Brigade after its commander was wounded.

Later in the battle, Hall was wounded himself and his horse killed.

Quite the Fighter.  --Old Secesh

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