Saturday, February 4, 2012

Too Good of a Story Not to Repeat: Grant and Foote

On my Naval Blog, Running the Blockade, I had a good story a few days ago and will repeat it here.

One hundred and fifty years ago, a joint Union Army-Navy expedition was getting ready to attack Fort Henry in Tennessee.  On Feb. 4th, Union General Grant and Flag Officer Foote went up the Tennessee River in a gunboat to reconnoiter the confederate fort.

Recent flooding had caused Confederate torpedoes (mines) to come loose and they were floating down the river.  They pulled one aboard to examine in.

As everyone pressed close to see how the "infernal machine" worked, a loud hiss suddenly emitted from it, causing everyone to scramble, including the two officers.  U.S. Grant handily beat Foote to the top of the ladder. 

Later, Foote was giving him a hard time about his moving so fast and Grant replied, "The Army did not believe in letting the Navy get ahead of it."

That's a Good One.  --Old Secesh

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