Monday, May 20, 2013

Civil War Ring Returned-- Part 2: Levi Schlegel's Ring

From the April 9, 2013, Washington Post.

How did one private Levi Schlegal come to lose a ring with his name, company and regiment on it way back then?  This ring essentially was the Civil War version of dogtags.  The ring was found near Fredericksburg, a place Mr. Schlegel only passed through a month after the war ended on his way home.

Was it misplaced in camp?  Did he figure that with the fighting over, he didn't need it anymore?

No one will ever know for sure as Private Schlegel died a lot of years ago.

It was found back in 2005.

What is known is that Levi Schlegal was 21 when he enlisted in the 167th Pennsylvania in 1862, a nine month regiment that was disbanded in August 1863 without seeing too much action.

In September 1864, he signed up again in the 198th Pennsylvania, recruited in Berks County, Pennsylvania, where Reading is loacted.  Many in his company, like Schlegel, were 18th century German immigrants like Reuben Reifsnyder, Alfred Seiple, Augustus Shupert and Annes Sicher.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

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