Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Confederate Legacy-- Part 5: The Goldsboro Rifles, Civil War and Beyond

Throughout the Civil War, the Goldsboro Rifles had a total of 168 men serve in it at one ime or another.  Eighteen were killed in battle or died of their wounds.  Seven others died of other causes, mostly disease.  This is surprising as most units usually had double the number of disease deaths than battle deaths.  Thirty-nine were wounded and only seven remained at the surrender of Lee's Army t Appomattox Courthouse.

The unit did not end at Lee's surrender.  They served during the Spanish-American War in 1898 as well as World War I.  My great uncle was a lieutenat in it and survived being gassed.  Sadly, shortly after he returned home from Europe, he lost his life trying to save the life of a yound boy in a flooded creek near Goldsboro.

A Great Unit.  --Old Secesh

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