Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Civil War Ring Returned-- Part 4: Private Schlegel's Ring

In the final months of the war, the 198th Pennsylvania saw a lot of action.  They fought hand-to-hand at the Battle of Hatcher's Run.  Then they fought at Quaker Road, White Oak Ridge, Five Forks.  They lost officers Major Charles J. Meceum and captains George W, Mulfrey and Isaac Schroeder.

After lee's surrender, the unit marched through Fredericksburg on May 9, 1865.  This is where Private Levi Schlegel parted with the ring for some reason.  They then continued on to Washington, DC and then took the train  to Philadelphia and were mustered out of service June 12, 1865.

Schlegel came home to Reading, married and had eleven children.  He died at age 91 in 1932 and is buried alongside his wife at the 167-year-old Charles Evans Cemetery.

One of Those Little Stories That make the War So Interesting.  --Old Secesh

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