Friday, May 31, 2013

James H. Parker, Goldsboro Rifles-- Part 2

From the January 25, 1864, Fayetteville Observer.

"He gave up his life upon the ill-fated field of Bristow, where with his comrades he had breasted a perfect storm of shot and shell unhurt, until given the order to fall back, in doing so, he lingered to assist in conveying from the field the body of his Captain, who was mortally wounded, and while thus engaged, the fatal bullet pierced his head, and he yielded up his life to God who gave it.

He is gone, and braver man has not fallen during this wicked and relentless war which is now being waged against us by our vandal foes of the north."

Giving His Life for His Country and Family.  --Old Secesh.

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