Saturday, May 4, 2013

Confederate Legacy-- Part 8: The Goldsboro Volunteers

This unit volunteered for service along with the Rifles and Saulston Volunteers, but the company was transferred to the 4th North Carolina Regiment and became Company D.  Eighty-four of the 128 men on its rolls were from Wayne County. 

Its first captain was Junius Whitaker and Lovett Louis commanded for most of the war.

The 4th helped hold Bloody Lane at the Battle of Antietam and were in Jackson's flank attack that crushed the Federal Army at Chancellorsville.  They also were at Gettysburg on the first day

At Spotsylvania they helped plug the gap at the "Muleshoe" when Union troops poured through a bulge in the Confederate line.

Well-known Wayne County names in this unit: Bartlett,  Best, Casey, Davis, Ellis, Gurley, McCullen, Price, Roberts, Rollins, Sasser, Sauls, Talton and Weil.

During the war, 32 died, at least 13 killed in action or mortally wounded, 19 of disease or some other cause.  Just five remained at Appomattox when the surrender came.

The Volunteers.  --Old Secesh

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