Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some More On Private Levi Schlegel's Ring

From the April 10, 2013 Reading (Pa) Eagle "Berks & Beyond."

The ring was found by relic-hunter John Blue.  Over his thirty years of digging, he has found a lot of items, but this 2005 find was the first time he was able to track down the original owner's family. 

He found it while looking at a Virginia construction site.  "When you have a metal detector in your car, and you pass a construction site, you stop,' he said.  Thankfully he did or the ring would most likely have been lost forever.

The ring read on the outside "Levi Schlegel, Co. G, 198th  P.V.".  The P.V. stood for Pennsylvania Volunteers.

A Virginia geneaologist helped him find Ernie Schlegel, descendant and library trustee at the Reading Library.

Levi Schlegel was a carpenter by trade.

Some Almost Lost History.  Thanks Mr. Blue.  --Old Secesh

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