Friday, May 3, 2013

Confederate Legacy-- Part 6: The Saulston Volunteers

The Saulston Volunteers were recruited primarily from northern Wayne County and was in the 27th North Carolina Regiment along with the Goldsboro Rifles, so its wartime experience was the same.

It was mustered into service June 10, 1861 with Benjamin Bardin as its first captain.  They became Company K.  Bardin lost re-election to captaincy in 1862 and was replaced by James Gardner who soon resigned and later became leader of a senior home guard unit.

Hopton H. Coor then took over and served until he was wounded and later resigned after he faced military court and felt he had "a great injustice" done to him.  (Wonder what that was all about?)

Sure Had a Lot of Officers.  --Old Secesh

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