Thursday, May 2, 2013

Confederates Need More Soldiers

From the July 29, 2012, Fayetteville (NC) Observer "Civil War 150th Anniversary: July 1862 developments."

From the July 7th, 1862 paper.

"HQ, 53 Tegt. N.C. Militia, Fayetteville, July 1, 1862, Special Order No. 1:  The officers commanding companies in the 53rd Reg't are hereby ordered to have all persons in their respective districts liable to the Conscription Act, at the Courthouse in Fayetteville on July 8 for enrollment, or to receive certification of exemption.

After enrollment you will warn all Conscripts to appear promptly at the Courthouse 5th of July, prepared with necessary rations and will proceed with responsible officers forthwith to this Camp of Instruction.  Conscripts will be allowed to bring one extra suit of clothing only.

By Order of Major Peter Mallett, A.A.G."

Essentially, the men around Fayetteville of draft age were to report or have an exemption.  Those now drafted would proceed to a training camp.

The War's Getting Bigger.  --Old Secesh

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