Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fighting With Private Schlegel, 198th Pa.

Continuing with the story of Private Schlegel's Discovered Ring.

From the Family2Remember site which had two members in the 198th Pennsylvania.  The regiment was organized in Philadelphia and accepted into service September 9, 1864.  They left for Petersburg, Virginia September 19th and were assigned to the 1st Brigade, 1st Division of the 5th Army Corps.

September 1864: Siege of Petersburg
Sept- 29-Oct. 2:  Poplar Springs Church
Oct. 8: Reconnaissance to Boydton Road

Oct. 27-28:  Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher's Run
Dec. 7-12:  Warren's Raid on Weldon Railroad

Feb. 5-7, 1865:  Dabner's Mills, Hatcher's Run
March 29, 1865:  Junction, Quaker and Boydton Roads
March 29:  Lewis' Farm near Boydton Road

March 30-31:  White Oak Road
April 1:  Five Forks
April 9:  Lee's surrender at Appomattox

May 1-12:  March to Washington, DC.  Private Schlegel lost his ring during this time.
May 23:  Grand Review
June 4, 1865:  Mustered Out

Quite a busy regiment, especially the last 11 days of the fighting.

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