Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Battle of Whitehall-- Part 1

From the Encyclopedia of North Carolina. /// The 11th North Carolina under Col. Collett Levanthorpe was at this battle that took place not too far from where I am right now, Goldsboro, NC. It was one of the unit's first actions. It occurred Dec. at present-day Seven Springs in Wayne County when Confederates under Brig. Gen. B.H. Robertson and Union Maj. Gen. John G. Foster during what is referred to as Foster's Raid. /// The objective of the raid was to destroy the railroad junction at Goldsbboro, NC, particularly where the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad crossed a bridge. /// Late Dec. 15th, Union cavalry scouts reached Whitehall shortly after Confederate troops crossed over the bridge on the Neuse River, set it on fire and took up defensive positions. /// Union cavalry rolled hundreds of barrels of pitch to he river bank and set fire to them to light up the Confederate positions. Union artillery opened fire onthe incomplete ironclad CSS Neuse. /// Old Secesh

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