Thursday, September 26, 2013

Col. Leventhorpe and the 11th NC at the Battle of Gettysburg-- Part 2: Highly Admired

According to Glenn Tucker, "The 11th was one of the most highly regarded regiments in the service." The Confederate inspector general had written to General Lee that "the Eleventh Regiment of North Carolina troops is the best drilled, the best equipped and the best armed regiment in the Army of Northern Virginia." //// Some of its members had belonged to the 1st North Carolina Volunteers, the "Bethel Regiment" that had fought at the first battle of the war at Bethel. //// Its commander, Col. Leventhorpe was looked on as "probably the best finished and equipped field officer in the Confederate servive." And, with his previous service in the British Army, he had a lot of prior knowledge to carry over to his new command. //// They Had Quite the Name to Live Up To. --Old Secesh

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