Monday, September 2, 2013

The 11th North Carolina Infantry

Back on August 10th and 19th, I had entries about W.T. Dickinson's letter about the experience of the 11th NC at Gettysburg, so did some more research on the regiment. /// The "Bethel Regiment" was organized and Camp Mangum near Raleigh in March 1862. The nucleus of this regiment came from the 1st NC Regiment which had fought at Bethel. The regiment fought at White Hall, NC, during Foster's Raid and then was transferred to Virginia and lost over half its 617 men at Gettysburg. /// At Appomattox, the regiment surrendered 8 officers and 74 men. It's colonel was Collett Leventhorpe (misspelled by Dickinson as Seanenthorpe). /// At Gettysburg, they were in Pettigrew's Brigade, Heath's Division with the 26th NC, 47th NC and 52nd NC. /// Old Secesh

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