Monday, September 2, 2013

Elihu Washburne

While in Galena last week, I came across an article about the demolition of Washburne's house he lived in while his mansion was being built. His mansion, right on US-20 entering Galena, is open as a museum. I'll be writing about the demolition in my history blog. /// I had heard of the name but didn't know much about him. From Wikipedia. /// Elihu Washburne (1816-1887) played a prominent role in the early Republican party, supported Abraham Lincoln and was a leader of the Radical Republicans. He strongly opposed the Reconstruction policies of President Johnson and supported black suffrage and civil rights. /// Grant appointed Washburne Secretary of State in 1869, to serve just a short time before becoming U.S. minister to France. --Old Secesh

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