Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just How Muddy Was It?

I came across this humorous quote in Mark L. Bradley's book "Last Stand in the Carolinas: The Battle of Bentonville." //// The night before the Battle of Averasboro, March 16, 1865, a Confederate attempt to slow down Sherman's Army marching through North Carolina, it rained very heavily, turning roads and the land into a regular quagmire. //// As Union Colonel William Hawley's brigade fell in for the march, Captain Daniel Oakey of the 2nd Massachusetts wrote that "The men furnished themselves with [burning] pine-knots and our weapons glistened in the torch-light, a cloud of black smoke from the torches floating back over our heads. "The regimental wits were as ready as ever, and amid a flow of lively bandinage we toiled on through the mud. When we halted...to give us an opportunity of drawing breath, I found Sergeant Johnson with one arm in the mud up to the elbow. //// "He explained that he was trying to find his shoe." How Muddy Was It? --Old Secesh

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