Thursday, September 5, 2013

The 11th NC at Gettysburg-- Part 4: Couldn't Get to Shade Because of All the Dead and Wounded

ISAAC BYRUM, JR, CO. F-- Wounded in left leg at Gettysburg and captured His leg was amputated. As related by his granddaughter, "It was a hot day. I tried to drag myself to some shade, but couldn't for all of the wounded and dead laying around. /// Flies were beginning to blow it, so I tore a piece of my shirt and wrapped the wound. It was about sundown when they, the Yanks, picked me up off the field. /// I thought they could have saved the leg is they had picked me up earlier." /// As a POW, he was transferred to various prisons until he got to Point Lookout, Maryland. After being paroled and exchanged, he retired to the Invalid Corps on 2 June 1864. /// His artificial leg can be seen at the Museum of the Albemarle in North Carolina. /// One Confederate's Story. --Old Secesh

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