Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The 11th NC at Gettysburg-- Part 2

PRIVATE WILLIAM LITTLETON BYRD-- Wounded at Pickett's Charge. Captured and held prisoner at David's Island until paroled and exchanged. Returned to the 11th and captured again a few days before Appomattox. /// NOTE ABOUT 26TH NC AND 11TH NC-- At Gettysburg, the 26th NC had 100% casualties with over 250 men killed or wounded. The 11th NC had 50 killed and 159 wounded. /// PRIVATE ALGERON DANIEL-- Co. G. Wounded and captured at Pickett's Charge. /// PRIVATE ROBERT DANIEL (BROTHER) Wounded and captured at Falling Waters during the retreat from Gettysburg. /// --Old Secesh

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