Monday, September 30, 2013

Col. Leventhorpe & the 11th NC at Gettysburg-- Part 4

As Pettigrew approached Gettysburg, Longstreet's spy, Harrison, rode up to him and confirmed that there were indeed Federal troops near Gettysburg. Then Pettigrew and Leventhorpe halted the brigade and rode ahead. At a ridge, they coud see that Gettysburg had ten roads coming into it, but still was unoccupied by Union troops. //// Pettigrew sent skirmishers forward and was about to order his brigade forward when he spotted a long dark column on t6he Emmetsburg Road. With field glasses, he made them out to be Union cavalry. It was Buford's Division. //// At that point, Pettigrew began withdrawing slowly. He went back to Cashtown to report to General Heth. There, with Gen. A.P. Hill, the decision was made to send in Heth's whole division to Gettysburg the next day. ////

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