Saturday, September 28, 2013

Col. Leventhorpe & 11th NC at Gettysburg-- Part 3: Yankees Ahead?

So, we have the 11th NC leading Pettigrew's Brigade of Heth's Division toward the little town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on June 30th, in hopes of finding a lot of shoes there. Even this far into Union territory, they defibitely were not expecting to come across any enemy soldiers. //// Getting back to Glenn Tucker's book, about two miles from the town, the advance party arrested a civilian who said he was a doctor making a house call. Col. Leventhorpe questioned him personally and to his surprise found out there were between four and five thousand Federal troops in the vicinity, plus an even larger force a few miles away. //// Leventhorpe immediately stopped his march and he made a quick ride to find Pettigrew, who was further back in the column. This halt prevented the clash of Meade and Lee's armies until the next day. //// Otherwise, We'd be Comemmorating the Battle of Gettsburg from June 30th. ---Old Secesh

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